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Owego and Ithaca Turnpike Company
Lewis Beers and James Pumpelly
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#961 with stamped seal signed by Lewis Beers on the 4th. day of July 1811 and also signed by James Pumpelly as Treasurer. 4 1/4" x 15" on watermarked rag paper produced in Otego, NY. The Owego and Ithaca Turnpike was very important to the development of Owego's commerce by utilizing the Susquehanna River. Instrumental to this was Lewis Beers and James Pumpelly. "The measurement of the Owego Turnpike, from the north bank of Fall Creek, "near the great liberty post," to Ely's house in the village of Owego, is recorded as "29 miles 240 rods and 60 links." They started construction in 1807 and it was finished in 1811 - History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler Counties, NY pp. 423. Dr. Lewis Beers, who lived along the route of the turnpike in Danby, became "the first and only President of The Owego and Ithaca Turnpike Company from 1812 to 1841. He was a physician, farmer, minister of the gospel, and merchant. He was 81 years of age at the time of his death." Early Owego pp. 141. James Pumpelly "was one of the most progressive men that ever lived in Owego" ... "He was foremost by reason of his wealth in every public enterprise. He was a leading spirit in establishing turnpikes, in building the old Ithaca and Owego railroad, in building the first steamboat on the Susquehanna River built for commercial purposes ..." Early Owego pp. 145. The certificate has a watermark showing that the paper was made in Otsego, NY by Phinney and Todd. Their association began in 1807. - A Catalogue of American Watermarks 1690-1835. #147.
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